Brasserie de Silly Pink Killer

While a grapefruit-centric beer might seem like a good idea, and I suppose it still has the possibility to be a good idea, a taste of Pink Killer would suggest one would be better off manufacturing other good ideas.

I wrote: "Pink Killer. I can't tell whether or not I liked this beer. I think mostly I didn't. Yeah, I didn't. Sam didn't either. Jordan had my initial opinion: confused. Matt thought it was alright. Jeffrey made a face which seemed like the face I probably made when I first sipped on the beer." 1:55AM


Brasserie de Silly Pink Killer

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Website Information:
Pink Killer

Fruity white style top fermentation beer.

Colour: cloudy pink colouring 25 EBC.

Ingredients: Water, malt, wheat, grapefruit juice, flavourings, sugar, yeast, coriander, orange peel, hallertau hop.

Density: 5% ABV 11° Plato.

Packaging: 25cl Apo bottle, 30l barrel.

Drinking temperature: serve between 4 and 7° C.

Storage: very long time under normal storage conditions.

Taste comments:
Fruity and thirst-quenching, sweet yet not sickly, Pink Killer is a beer based on malt, wheat and pink grapefruit, which explains its very unique colour and the hint of bitterness typical of this fruit, in turn quenching the biggest of thirsts with a flavoursome taste.

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