Uinta Golden Spike Hefeweizen

I wrote: "Golden Spike. Hefeweizen. Um... I pick up on a citrus taste, but I don't enjoy the beer much. I don't think it has a great taste." 9:48PM ET


I also wrote: "Actually, it smells like bad beer and ultimately tastes likewise." 9:49PM ET

[20131221 Edit]

Prior to adding this entry, I didn't realize I had this beer before. In any case, it's been about four years since I tried it and the website specifications seemed to have changed a bit.

Regardless of the official descriptions, comparing notes suggests I enjoyed the beer more this time than the last.


The beer had a nice smell. It had a cloudy orange color. I enjoyed the wheat flavor. The beer had a bright and crisp quality to it. 9:05PM MDT

The beer had a slight coriander taste (which I formerly referred to as a banana taste). The carbonation had also settled down relative to when I first poured the beer into the glass. 9:17PM MDT

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Uinta Golden Spike Hefeweizen

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Website Information: (as of 20170722)
Our unfiltered wheat ale has a pleasant citrus nose with a touch of bready malt character. Red wheat creates a full body and mouth feel.


Alcohol Strength: 4.0% ABV
Bitterness (IBU): 17.0
Color (SRM): 7.4
Serve in Wheat Glassware

AWARDS [same]

Malt: [XXXX______]
Hops: [XXX_______]
Body: Light[XXX_______]Full
Color: Light[XXXX______]Dark

INGREDIENTS: Wheat Beer, Cascade

Citrus Nose | Bready Malt | Full Body

Website Information: (as of 20131221)

A refreshing unfiltered American style wheat beer, this medium-bodied ale has a delicate hop character.

Pleasantly yeasty with malty influences. Notes of orange and lemon. Slight spiciness and floral quality. Lingering citrusy finish. Golden Spike Hefeweizen pairs well with citrus flavors; also with seafood such as mussels and clams. Also try it with cheeses such as feta, gruyere, and goat cheese.

Golden Spike Hefeweizen was named in honor of the celebrated historic completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. In May 1869 a ceremonial "golden spike" was used at the juncture of two facing locomotives--the Union Pacific No. 119 and Central Pacific No. 60 (better known as the Jupiter). Each locomotive represented the railroad lines laid from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The copper-alloyed gold spike was tapped into a pre-drilled hole and replaced by an ordinary spike soon afterwards. Each of the four sides of the golden spike was engraved, including one inscription that said, "May God continue the unity of our Country, as this Railroad united the two great Oceans of the world."

IBU 18 | SRM 8

2011, Silver Medal, North American Beer Awards, American Hefeweizen
2003, Bronze Medal, North American Beer Awards, American Wheat

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