3 Fonteinen Zwet.be

After going to Papermoon Diner, my friends and I eventually decided to go to De Kleine Duivel, a Belgian beer bar located in Hamden, Baltimore, MD. With a list of beers to chose from, my friends and I took our time deciding. While looking through the list, the bartender mentioned a porter which piqued my interest and I decided to give it a try.

I wrote: "This beer has a lovely, malty smell. Possibly woody? Possibly piney? In any case, I like the taste. It's either a light chocolate taste or a light porter taste. The beer also has a very easy mouthfeel." 10:15PM ET

I wrote: "Hmm. This beer has a light sourness in addition to the chocolate taste. In fact, the sourness overtakes the chocolate taste. Of course, its a tasty sourness. Maybe the Ichtegem's had an effect." 10:47PM ET

Blogging story: Since I was unfamiliar with the beer, I asked the bartender for the name in writing. Unfortunately, the name given to me was "Zwete" and a month later (20140827) I typed "Zwete" into Google search and was met with results unrelated to beer. Actually, I initially thought the paper said "Zuete" and was searching that for a while. In any case, trying to tweak my searches, I followed some false leads here and there. Eventually, I went to Untappd.com and began scrolling down the list of Check-in's for De Kleine Duivel. After several pages, I came upon an entry for Zwet.be:
Paul V. is drinking a Zwet.be by Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen at De Kleine Duivel. 17 Jul 14
Since the Zwet.be is a porter and the entry was made on July 14, I decided that I had successfully found the name of the beer I had ordered. Thanks "Paul V."!


3 Fonteinen Zwet.be

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Website Information:
Zwet.be, ongewoon "zwart" bier van gemengde gistingis is gebrouwen met tarwe, Maris Otter mout en cara mout.

Specifiek is de gemengde gisting, enerzijds kultuurgist uit de Beersel Blond, anderzijds lambiekgist. Uit de lambiek,gebrouwen door Armand Debelder, werd een specifiek type Brettanomyces geïsolleerd. Deze gist geeft aan dit bier van 7 % alc. volume een licht zurige afdronk.

Romige in de mond, chocolade toets, niet zoet, licht zuur in afdronk.

Partial Translation:
Zwet.be, _ "black" beer _ mixed fermentation _ brewed with wheat, Maris Otter _ and _ _.

Specifically _ _ mixed fermentation, _ yeast culture of the Beersel Blond, _ lambic yeast. Of the lambic, brewed by Armand Debelder, a specific type of Brettanomyces was _. This yeast gives this beer with 7% ABV a slightly tart finish.

Creamy on the palate, chocolate notes, not sweet, slightly acidic in taste.

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