Boulder Beer Killer Penguin Barleywine

This beer is clear, dark red in color.

The smell of this beer reminds me of the stronger beers which I have had and/or beers that I've left around for a while.

Indeed, upon sipping the beer, I find that it tastes quite strong, even getting a little burning sensation on my tongue and a warm sensation in my nostrils.

This may be a combination of the beer having a 10% alcohol by volume and that I've been holding onto this beer for about half a year (the 2013 bottle is primarily meant for consumption during the most recent winter, December 2013 to March 2014.

Overall, I think I don't like how this beer turned out. Unfortunately, this opinion doesn't reflect how the beer might have tasted within the time frame of its release date.

Boulder Beer Killer Penguin Barleywine

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Website Information:
Killer Penguin Barleywine

Our extremely limited winter barleywine ale. Traditional winter seasonals are warm and comforting -- not this bird! Diving in at around 10 percent alcohol by volume, Killer Penguin uses over twice the malt as other winter beers. Aged to perfection, this beer doesn't ferment, it hibernates -- and wakes up with an attitude!

10% ABV
60 IBU
Malt: Pale Malt, 70/80L Crystal Malt
Hops: Nugget, Willamette, Cascade

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