Ichtegem's Grand Cru

My friends and I came to De Kleine Duivel for some Belgian beer.

I wrote: "This beer is kind of like a sour wine, except without the dryness. Though I'd have to say I like it better than most wine." 10:20PM ET

On a related note, I wrote in my Zwet.be post that this beer might have affected a follow-up tasting (of the Zwet.be).

Ichtegem's Grand Cru

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Website Information:
Het basisbier is een bier van 15° Plato.

Website Information: (nl.Wikipedia.org)
Ichtegem’s Grand Cru
Afbeelding gewenst
Gisting gemengde: gisting
Alcoholpercentage: 6,5%
Graan: 80% pilsmout, 10% karamelmout, 10% Münichmout
Hop: Kent Goldings, Styrian, Saaz Zatec
Lagering: lagertanks/eiken vaten (Bordeaux)
Menging: na 2 jaar lagering gemengd met 40% jong en zoet bier
Brouwer: Brouwerij Strubbe
Type: West-Vlaams Oud bruin
Kleur: donkerbruin

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