Amazon Simple Beer Service

Amazon Simple Beer Service

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Technically - as far as I know - this beer doesn't have a name. But the kegerator is called "Simple Beer Service" and hence so shall the beer it dispenses be named.

I find the beer is very carbonated, refreshing, and lacks taste. Maybe its like a good Bud? 6:49PM PT

However, while the beer itself might not be impressive, the kegerator dispensing the beer is pretty noteworthy. As explained by the sign, it sends data about the beer flow to the cloud and that information is then charted live.

Sign Information:

AWS services used: Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Amazon Redshift

The Simple Beer Service (SBS) is a cloud-connected kegerator developed by the AWS San Francisco office which sends data about beer flow to Amazon Kenesis. Observe data on individual pours of beer including the duration and volume of the pour in near real-time through a custom JavaScript application running on Amazon S3. The data is also stored in Amazon S3 for later processing and analysis using Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and Amazon Redshift. Visualize the SBS historical beer pour data using Tableau, an Amazon partner which supports Amazon Redshift.

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