Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks.


It smells like apple juice to me. However, it definitely doesn't taste like apple juice.

Instead, it taste really strong to me. While it gets a little lighter as the ice melts, the drink still has a spice to it.

Having tried very few whiskies, I didn't really enjoy this cup of Johnnie Walker until the end.


I'm quite tipsy from it. 7:03PM PT

Today I drank some Johnnie Walker Black neat. It was smooth with a strong spice.

I poured some more and added two drops of water using an ice cube. I felt like it was easier to drink. Without the two drops of water there was simply too much spice! 5:38PM CT

[20160915 Quick Edit]

20160828, 31:
I definitely had some more the next day (20160828) and the day we left for the airport (20160831).


It's possible I had some on the days in between, but there's no text or photo record of such.


Johnnie Walker Black Label


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Website Information:
Johnnie Walker
Black Label
Regarded by experts as the ultimate Scotch deluxe whisky, the benchmark by which all others are measured. With its origins in the 1870s Old Special Highland Whisky, Johnnie Walker Black Label simply became "Black Label" in 1909.

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It can be enjoyed on its own, with a dash of still or sparkling water, or with soda or ginger ale as a long drink.

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