Redd's Apple Ale

Redd's Apple Ale was a good tasting ale.* It's refreshing. While it's not as crisp as Crispin Original, it's still good. 10:44PM PT

*I originally thought it was a cider, but apparently it's an ale.

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Redd's Apple Ale

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Website Information:
REDD's Apple Ale
Two ways to pick different
REDD's Apple Ale is the beer that's crisp like an apple, but brewed like an ale. It's a refreshing break from your everyday beer routine and the perfect way to pick different. Make the ripe call with REDD's Apple Ale and Strawberry Ale.

Selected FAQ:
REDD'S Apple Ale is crips like an apple, but brewed like an ale.

It is not gluten-free.

It is 5% alcohol by volume.

Per 12 ounces, Redd's Apple Ale contains 165 calories, 17.1 carbs, <1.0g protein, 0g fat

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