Drake's 1500 Dry Hopped American Pale Ale

Drake's 1500 Dry Hopped American Pale Ale

Drake's 1500 Dry Hopped American Pale Ale

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20141118: [20141211 Edit]
This Drake's 1500 has a good amount of taste. It's just a little bitter. I like the taste at the start.

It has a standard smell, which is good. Overall, its a good tasting beer. 5:44PM PT

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A hop-forward American Pale Ale. Loads of Simcoe and Amarillo hops are blended in the fermenter just after fermentation has finished to impart a huge aroma of pine and juicy citrus. Available Year Round.

As we approached our 1500th batch in San Leandro, the brewers decided to attempt something different. They set out to make a pale ale with a clean, stripped down malt bill and plenty of late addition hops that would give the beer huge flavors and aromas of bright citrusy American hops without overwhelming the balance with bitterness. The resulting beer packed the aromatic and flavorful hop punch of a West Coast-style IPA at a very easy drinking 5.5% ABV. The brewer and the people loved it. Now 1500 is a Drake’s flagship beer.

Malt: American 2-Row Barley, Simpsons Caramalt 30-37
Hops: Bittering- American Bravo; Kettle- Cascade; Whirlpool- Simcoe & Amarillo
Dry-hop: Simcoe & Amarillo
Yeast: White Labs 001
Original Gravity: 12.2 degrees Plato
Alc/Vol: 5.5%
IBUs: 48

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