Speakeasy Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout

Speakeasy Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout

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20150709: [20150814 Edit]
I'm here at Elevation 66 with my friend and I order the Speakeasy Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout.

It smells like a regular stout and tastes like chocolate milk - though not as much as Shake Chocolate Porter by Boulder Beer. 7:37PM PT

It has a little punch - a burn - on the back end of each sip. I don't taste the chocolate during the second half of the beer. 8:35PM PT

Website Information:
Style – Chocolate Milk Stout
ABV – 6.9% ABV
IBU – 34 IBU
Malt – Two-Row Pale, Crystal Wheat, Chilean Chocolate, Chocolate Wheat, De-Bittered Black, Rolled Oats
Flavoring – TCHO Ghanaian Roasted Cacao Nibs
Hops – Columbus
Availability – Jan - Mar
Formats – Draft & 22oz. bottles

This chocolate milk stout is full-bodied and creamy, with sumptuous chocolate notes and a delicate roasted character. Black Hand pours a rich dark brown with a milky coffee-colored head. Bittersweet chocolate and roast envelopes the nose, carried by roasted cacao nibs and chocolate malts. The aroma blends effortlessly with soft flavors of dry chocolate and darkly roasted malts. The addition of milk sugar provides a silky smooth body, with a subtle natural sweetness of cream.

Pair with – Waffles and whipped cream or french toast with fresh berries complement TCHO's bittersweet roasted cacao nibs.

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