Valiant Criterion

Valiant Criterion

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20150724: [20150901]
My friend and I went to the Orange County Fair today and we each got a beer. I got the Ninkasi Total Domination and he got the Valiant Criterion.

The Valiant Criterion had a very bright taste - citrusy, not sour. I thought it was really good (and I might have tried too much).

While Josh agreed that it was good, he also felt it lacked the quality of other amber beers which he enjoys. He also noted that it was more acidic than most ambers.

Website Information:

Style: Belgian Amber, 5.6% ABV, 26 IBU

Criterion is a mosaic of flavors. Brewed with Wildflower Honey and Rye Malt. Clean malt aroma with a light wildflower honey, spicy and fruity notes. Flavor is both floral and spicy with a distinct rye profile that comes through mid-palate. The finish is dry with a low bitterness.

Silver – US Open in Atlanta 2014

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