Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry

Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry

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20160415: [20160424 Edit]
My primary interest with coming to Hops & Homily was for the beer. Unfortunately, I had already tried the porters and stouts on draft (The Czar and Black Butte Porter), so I decided to try the Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry.

The beer had a dark red or orange color and a sweet, hoppy smell. There's a bit of bitterness in the aftertaste, but not on the sip.* Furthermore, it had a grassy taste, but softer and/or more subtle than the average IPA. Overall, it did not taste harsh and tasted good. 7:33PM PT

I later noted it had a good amount of carbonation, but not excessive. It's possible the carbonation helped keep the beer from tasting too strong, because the beer's strength towards the final sips was more apparent (the least amount of carbonation).

Although not extremely hoppy, the beer tasted great, and would possibly be a good entry-level IPA for those not yet acclimated to hoppier beers.** 7:56PM PT

Then again, the next beer I had - a Lagunitas Aunt Sally - would be a smaller, possibly better stepping stone towards hoppier beers.

*While writing this post, I suddenly thought this might be due to the tongue sensing various tastes in different regions, but then I remembered that such a notion was false. It makes one wonder what else we learned as children that is actually wrong.
**To my point, it's even classified as a fruit beer on

Out of focus, but an idea of the final lacing.
Website Description:
Romantic Chemistry

Our brand new IPA brewed with mango, apricots, & ginger!

ABV: 7.2
IBU: 40
Availability: Seasonal
Original Release Date: 02/2016

Dogfish Head has been brewing off-centered ales for off-centered people since 1995, with inspiration from every facet of life - the spice cabinet, music, even art.

What you have here is a serious India Pale Ale shacking up and hunkering down with mango and apricots. At the same time! Romantic Chemistry is brewed with an intermingling of mangos, apricots and ginger, and then dry-hopped with three varieties of hops to deliver a tropical fruit aroma and a hop-forward finish.

It’s fruity, it’s hoppy, it’s tasty!

With artwork from our 2016 seasonal artist, Drew Millward, Romantic Chemistry features vibrant, abstract illustrations of each key ingredient.

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