2014 Domaine de Pouy Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne

For whatever reason, I decided not to have any of the beers on the menu and instead order a glass of wine to accompany my meal at Aquitaine.

When I asked the waiter about the wine he said it was like a mix between a sauvignon blanc and a chardonnay. Elaborating, he said it had the dryness of the white and the body of the chardonnay (or possibly the other way around).* He also noted the mineral content and (perhaps jokingly) noted that the mineral content would help one drink more.

In any case, when the wine arrived, the server poured the wine from a cup into my cup. My best guess was that this helped aerate the wine - though I never knew that white wines needed aerating.**

The wine had a sweet smell and, in general, other smells which I found typical of a white wine. It was also easy on the tongue with a sour punch. Actually, the end of every sip seemed to have a grape flavor.

Later, with the spiciness of the deviled eggs in my mouth, the wine didn't quite pack the same punch at the end of every sip. Overall, the end was a bit more subtle. 7:57PM PT

After getting through half of the wine and half of the meal, I no longer sensed the punch at the end of every sip. In other words, I could only taste the first half: the spice portion. 8:06PM PT

*Apparently the dryness depends on many factors outside of the variety alone.
**One article said that most reds but only some whites benefit from aerating.

2014 Domaine de Pouy Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne

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Label Description:
Domaine De Pouy

A "beat the heat" white that makes me long for the beach. A blend of 60% Ugni Blanc (called Trebbiano in Italy) and 40% Colombard. Super clean and refreshing. Lots of steely crispness with a zesty lemon/lime/grapefruity freshness. Brisk and penetrating fruit flavors of tart granny smith apple, lemon/lime/citrus notes, and a stony, pellegrino-like minerality.

Website Description:
Domaine de Pouy
Ugni Blanc-Colombard

ESTATE: Domaine de Pouy
GRAPES: 60% Ugni Blanc 40% Colombard
APPELLATION: IGP Côtes de Gascogne
REGION: Southwest

Domaine de Pouy is located in the foothills of Pyrénées, near the appellations of Madiran and Jurançon, about two hours southwest of Bordeaux. The cold fermentation of Ugni Blanc from the Bas-Armagnac region captures vibrant aromatics and guards freshness. The wine has a penetrating floral green apple fragrance, and is loaded with refreshingly crisp and flavorful fruit.

TYPE OF SOIL: Clay-limestone soils and boulbene topsoil with ochre-colored sand known as sables fauves.

VINIFICATION: To prevent oxidation, grapes are taken directly from the vines to the vats in isothermal tanks protected by a layer of inert gas. Grapes are then poured into one of eight 50-ton pneumatic temperature controlled presses, followed by skin contact maceration at 15°C / 59°F for 8 to 12 hours before being gently pressed. Stainless steel fermented. The must is then transferred to underground cold storage vats and kept at 5°C / 41°F for three to five days. Dry ice and refrigerated vats are used to slow fermentation and storage at –4°C year round ensures freshness. Bottled to order.

SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES: Use of organic manure and a reduction in the use of sulfites. The estate also features a water treatment facility. Additionally, the Domaine uses partially de-mineralized water with a lowered pH level to dilute active ingredients. The results are enlightening; pesticide treatments have been cut by 40%. Furthermore, all glass bottles, aluminum caps, paper labels and cardboard packaging are 100% recyclable. Wines are suitable for vegetarians.

FOOD PAIRING: Fish or seafood dishes.
TASTING NOTES: This is smooth and fresh, its yellow apple flavors edged with grape skin spice.

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