Fieldwork Ancient Mariner

This beer has a nice sour flavor. It is cloudy yellow in appearance and has little carbonation. It has an orange-lime smell. It has a clean and refreshing, lemon taste. It's good and light. It definitely has a citrus taste. 5:51PM PT

After eating a slice of pizza (Long Bridge Pizza), the beer tasted more bitter. There was also less of a citrus flavor. 6:07PM PT

Overall, the beer was amazing despite a couple moments of bitterness 6:20PM PT

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Fieldwork Ancient Mariner

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Ancient Mariner is our chance to have fun with two things we love deeply, the Gose style of beer from Leipzig Germany, and traditional flavors and ingredients from Baja California. The bright lime saturated nose jumps out of the glass to taunt you to take your first sip. As it gets closer to your nose, subtleties of white pepper and cardamom begin to follow behind the lime, and as that first taste hits your palate, the heavily salted Gose pops on your taste buds with the salinity working as a megaphone for this absolutely crushable Lime Gose. A large dose of imported maize not only helps make this beer as dry as possible, but pairs with our house pilsner malt to create a grain profile similar to a corn tortilla. Ancient Mariner may have been dreamt up while fishing off the coast of Mexico, but at 4.6% it can be crushed wherever its Captain sees fit.

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