Sierra Nevada / Ballast Point Beer Camp Electric Ray

Unfortunately this beer smells like all the sugars have undergone whatever process they undergo over two years time and the taste reflects that.

Oddly - and I'm only assuming the beer is normally bitter - the intense alcoholic sugars are reducing the beer's bitterness. Yeah, after all, the beer has a bitterness rating of 70 IBU. And while I taste some bitterness, the beer doesn't taste like it's 70 IBU.*

There's no bitterness on the sip, but it comes in the aftertaste. When it comes it a piney, complex sugar taste. 8:13PM PT

*Red and lite lagers (e.g., Bud Light) are around 10 IBU, Belgian tripels are around 30 IBU, and IPAs are generally 40 to 70 IBU.

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Sierra Nevada / Ballast Point Beer Camp Electric Ray

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Electric Ray India Pale Lager

Collaboration Partner: Ballast Point Brewing Company San Diego, CA

As ever, San Diego’s Ballast Point looked to the sea for the inspiration behind Electric Ray. A play on the fish’s scientific name—Torpedo californica—this beer pays homage to our mutual home state, as well as to our Hop Torpedo, the source of much of the big flavor in this high voltage, hopforward Imperial Pale Lager.

Ballast Point brought their homebrewing dreams to the big leagues and started brewing professionally, but they never forgot their roots. They still run a successful homebrewing supply shop in San Diego. A love for hops and the ocean inspire incredible brewed and distilled offerings, and their oneofakind labels boast some beautiful, and sometimes gnarlylookin’, fish.

ABV: 8.5
Beginning Gravity: 18.0
Ending Gravity: 2.7
Bitterness Units: 70

Yeast: Lager
Bittering Hops: Cascade, Zues, Nugget, Northern Brewer
Finishing Hops: Amarillo, Crystal, Centennial, Cascade
Malts: Two-row Pale, Pilsner, Oats, Munich, Caramel

Electric Ray is an IPL—
Imperial Pale Lager— combining intense citrusy and floral American hop aroma with the clean, crisp, classic malt body of a robust blonde lager. It is both traditionally dryhopped AND torpedoed with wholecone American hops for an intense grapefruit and roselike nose.

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