Stella Artois Cidre

~I'm not a beer. I'm a cider.~

This drink mostly tastes like apple juice. It was easy to drink. There was a slight alcoholic taste that imparted some bitterness. 3:30PM PT

Stella Artois Cidre - bottle (front)

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Stella Artois Cidre

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Stella Artois Cidre - bottle (back)

Website Information:
Welcome to Cidre season,
when winter blankets are packed away and picnic blankets lay down to play. Add a splash of spontaneity to your repertoire, and raise a glass to it all coming together just so. As golden afternoons unfold, savor the taste of Stella Artois Cidre, a bubbly cider described as such:

Pairs a soft, apple-y sweetness with a crisp dryness.

As bubbly as the personalities on your blanket.

The perfect partner for any alfresco gathering.

Cidre hits all the right flavor notes in this deliciously delightful composition. It’s music to your palate.

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