Almaza Pilsener

I looked on the Mama Ayesha's menu and both the domestic and imported beer list were short. I had either tried a beer or didn't want to try a beer on the list.

However, I saw one beer on the imported beers list that I hadn't tried before and was willing to try: the Almaza (Lebanon).

Domestic Miller Lite . Samuel Adams Boston Lager . Yuengling . Kaliber (Non-Alcoholic) . Blue Moon (Colorado)
Imported Heineken (Netherlands) . Amstel Light (Netherlands) . Corona (Mexico) . Red Stripe (Jamaica) . Almaza (Lebanon)

The waiter came with the bottle and corresponding Almaza glass. He poured the beer and as he began to walk away with the empty bottle, I asked, "Can you please leave the bottle?" I agree this is strange behavior, but at the moment I have full control over it! Among friends, I'm going to unleash my blogging addictions and take pictures uncontrollably; if I was on a date, I'd totally restrain myself. The day I can't, someone should intervene.

What I'll remember most about this beer is the subtle banana flavor. And like I wrote down, it had absolutely no bitterness.
I wrote "Almaza 11.2 oz bottle. Normal nice smell. At first tasted like banana. No bitterness at all. Not too fizzy. But pretty refreshing. Subsequent tastes still a banana flavor."

Not at the time of having the beer, but at the time of this post, 20110522, I recall going to a restaurant in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that had a gigantic list of imported beer. Looking into the idea, apparently various restaurants have the concept of a World Beer Club.


Almaza Pilsener

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Website Information:
Almaza Pilsener
The original. 77 years young. A memorable taste of Lebanon this is a beer that talks Lebanese to foreigners, unfolding seven decades of prideful heritage. A beer that talks history to Lebanese a synonym of good times.
Perfected from day one, the recipe's secret lies in the ideal balance between hops, malted barley and maize, the signature ingredient.
Mastered over time to deliver the same great taste with every bottle pop: remarkably refreshing, smooth, bright and cheerful.

Almaza Pure Malt
Darker. Introducing Almaza's specialty beer for the connoisseur.
With 6% alcohol, the 100% extra roasted malted barley adds a zest of maturity to the regular Almaza and a thicker color to its appearance.
Pure Malt is a balanced combination of rich creamy foam, a subtle aroma, and a condensed fulfilling taste.
Ideally chilled at 6 C, this beer's uniqueness deserves to be cheered... to the detail. If our regular beer was always a favorite, our new favorite brunette will surely become a regular.

How to Enjoy the Perfect Beer
01 The Glass
The ritual starts here. Not just any glass, but a beer glass with the right curves. It needs to be sparkling clean and fully transparent to mirror the beer's golden color. Chill the glass in the fridge for an hour or so.
02 The Beer
100% Almaza. Blonde or Brunette. 100% Chilled. The freshest, the better. Beer does not improve with age.
03 The Temperature
For Almaza regular, chill it at -2 C. Pure Malt can be served at a comfortable 6 C.
04 Pouring
You can brag about the way you pop the cap, but when it comes to pouring, better be initiated. Slosh some beer into the bottom of the glass to form a head. Then gently pour the beer onto the foam. Rest the glass for a couple of minutes, then fill it carefully until full. If you like your beer bitter, give yourself a more generous head and sip the beer through it.
05 Enjoying
Bring the glass to your lips and inhale gently to take in the aroma of the beer. Then, take a first sip... then another... then another.

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