Peak Organic Amber Ale

This beer had a Best Enjoyed Before date of October 2010, but it's been in my fridge, so the temperature has been constant since I brought it home. Drinking straight from the bottle, I found the beer still tasted good - at least as far as I could tell. From my limited set of beer descriptors, I find the beer is chocolaty. However, most descriptions of the Peak Organic Amber Ale describe it as toasty*.

*A beer is toasty if it literally has a toasty flavor.

After drinking some of the beer from the bottle, I decided to pour the remainder of it out in a cup. Since I didn't have my pint glass, I used a whiskey glass. In any case, I proceeded to smell the beer and observe its color. While I was able to observe these two aspects, I was unable to translate my perceptions into words.

As the beer warmed up, it seemed to gain a little more flavor. In any case, the beer's flavor seemed familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on which beer it was similar to. Maybe it tastes like Blue Moon Belgian White.

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Peak Organic Amber Ale

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Our Amber Ale is designed to start bright and lively from an abundance of Crystal Malts. We establish a strong contrast between front palate and back palate by adding generous amounts of Munich Malt, which provides a distinct toasty finish.

ABV: 4.9% IBUs: 37

SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Grilled meats/veggies, smoked fish, poultry, burgers, port-salut or tangy cheese

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