Oliver's Irish Red

"Oliver's Irish Red" isn't on The Owl Bar's menu, so I don't know what the menu description reads. But I included the Oliver Breweries website's description below. I wrote, "Bitter." I felt this drink was strong and bitter. I tried to detect the beer's flavors, but was having some trouble doing so. I believe the only other Irish Red I've tried until now has been Killian's Irish Red. In contrast with Oliver's Irish Red, I recall Killian's being tasty. I was unable to detect the flavors and aromas of Oliver's Irish Red. I might give this one another shot some day.

[Edited 20120114]

Oliver's Irish Red

It's hard to tell from this angle, but it was indeed reddish in color. (Oliver's Irish Red)

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Oliver Breweries Webpage

Website Information:
Irish Red
6.0% a.b.v.
Deep red in color, high alcohol, and full bodied. It gets it splendid hop aroma from Fuggle hops, accenting the rich flavors of this wonderful well-rounded ale.

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