Belhaven Scottish Ale

Josh got the Belhaven Scottish Ale. I had a sip.

The Belhaven is to the left in the pint glass.

I wrote:"Josh's Belhaven Scottish Ale has a slight fruit smell. It's light and soft, and has a creamy finish. At Yard House, it is a Pub Cream Ale. They describe the category as Light, Toasted, and Creamy. Josh says the Boddingtons is clean and smooth, the Killkenny is like the Boddingtons, but citrusy. He thinks Belhaven is comparatively bitter with less of a creamy taste."

Yard House:
9.0% Drink Unibroue Trois Pistoles
5.2% Drink Belhaven Scottish Ale


Belhaven Scottish Ale

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Belhaven Scottish Ale (

Website Information:

100% Scottish malt and finest English hops in perfect balance
Smooth, rich and nutty a classically crafted Scottish Ale
The ale we've been brewing longest of all, and our best-selling bottled ale worldwide

STYLE Scottish Ale
ABV 5.0%
IBU 21
MALTS 100% Scottish pale ale malt
HOPS Challenger and Goldings
FORMATS 330ml bottle, Smoothflow Keg, 440ml can and 500ml bottle (USA)

SIGHT Deep ruby
SMELL Malt and spicy hops
TASTE Nutty, biscuit and smooth

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