Eel River Organic Amber Ale


My friend had this beer several times at the Cheesecake Factory. One day we went to this wine shop and they had two six packs of it left, so he bought one. On this day (20110618), I smelt the beer and had a taste (it was poured from the bottle to a glass). I wrote: "Eel River, smells a sort of orange and then tastes a good tasting of amber ale. Easy light beer." My nose was rather stuffy and that might have affected the smell, taste, and flavor.


I couldn't pinpoint the smell. Actually, I didn't really smell much. I didn't exactly enjoy the taste. I finished the beer, but only because I kept drinking it to see if it would taste different or better. It never did. My friend enjoys it, describing it as a lighter Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

Because my observation of the beer changed from the 18th to the 23rd, I can only put my overall opinion of the beer on hold.


Eel River Organic Amber Ale


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Website Information:
Style: Organic Amber Ale
Original Gravity: 12.0 P
Alcohol: 4.8% by volume
Color: Rich Copper

A Taste of Pure Goodness

Eel River Brewing Company, brewers of California's first Certified Organic Ale, proudly brings you our Organic Amber Ale. Unique in flavor and purity, this medium bodied beer has a hoppy bouquet and a distinctive rich taste with a caramel-like sweetness that is balanced with a liberal dose of certified organic Pacific Gems and Hallertau hops, imported from New Zealand. Pure taste, pure ingredients, pure good.


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