Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night

"The purchase before date is Dec 2011. It smells deliciously fruity. It tastes fruity. There's a slight bitter aftertaste. It kind of lingers. I, however, like the fruit flavor." 4:07 pm

[20111213][20160924 Quick Edit]

"Red Sky at Night. It has a nice smell, fruity. It has an interesting taste. There's a bitterness during the taste." 5:30 pm


Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night

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Website Information:
Red Sky at Night - Belgian Style Saison Ale

Approx 7.5% ABV

Brewed in the style of Belgian farmhouse ales – using a unique Belgian yeast and authentic Belgian candi sugar. It is a potent and spicy ale with deep complexity. Pairs well with Thai cuisine and mussels. Available in July - September, while it lasts.

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