Mixed Drinks 20141231

Today was one of those days where many drinks were drank and many photos were left untaken. This post serves as a summary of all such drinks and links to separate posts where applicable.

Amaretto Sour

To start off the night, I had a Widmer Brothers Brrr at about 7:30PM.

Then I went over to my friend's place where the two of us and two other mutual friends have a little bit more to drink and some food (Del Taco). There I had some Alaskan Amber and about two shots of Grey Goose Vodka.

At about 8 o'clock, we headed out. Arriving at our destination, we each had an extra shot or so of Grey Goose.

As things were still quiet and uneventful, we sat outside for a while and enjoyed the fire. There I had a taste of my friend's Midori Sour. While I wrote it tasted like apple, I'm not sure if I meant a regular apple or specifically a sour apple.

I also had a taste of my friend's Amaretto Sour.

Later, around 10 o'clock in the evening, I had an Amaretto Sour which I note tasted differently than the first one. 10:02PM PT

An hour later, I had a Vodka Soda. 10:50PM PT All that I say about it though is that it tastes decent. 10:58PM PT.

After the Vodka Soda, I went to use the restroom and someone there compliments me on my dancing, saying "You're a good dancer." While happy for the compliment, I also couldn't help but feel a little awkward - a public restroom is a strange place for conversation with strangers.

At half past eleven I had a taste of my friend's White Russian and absolutely loved it. 11:33PM PT


As midnight approached, the establishment which my friends and I went to began passing out the champagne. The first one I drank tasted alright. Of course, that didn't stop me from swiping a second flute after finishing my first! At this time, I also made a note to myself to remember my jacket. 11:50PM PT

At midnight, the balloons dropped and it was a lot of fun. Among the fun was dancing, balloon popping, and I also noted drinking one more flute of champagne. 20150101 12:06AM PT

In the end, it was quite a night.

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