Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter

Shorty @ Yard House.

The Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter is on the left.

I wrote: "Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter on the left and Deschutes Black Butte Porter on right. Ballast Point: Chocolate is good. Deschutes is more carbonated and has less of a chocolate flavor. I'm liking the Ballast Point more." 12:37 AM PST

There might be an unfair advantage as I don't recall cleansing my palate and thus the chocolate flavor of the Deschutes might have been diminished by that of the Ballast Point.

At the moment, reviewers, overall, like the Deschutes Black Butte Porter just a bit more than the Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter.
BA Score: 93 (1050 Reviews); The Bros: 100; RateBeer 97 Overall; RateBeer 98 Style [DESCHUTES]
BA Score: 89 (0256 Reviews); The Bros: 096; RateBeer 96 Overall; RateBeer 97 Style [BALLAST]

Yard House:
5.3% Drink Alaskan Amber (SIP)
5.2% Drink Deschutes Black Butte Porter (SHORTY)
6.0% Drink Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter (SHORTY)
5.2% Drink Young's Double Chocolate Stout (SIP)
5.4% Drink Red Nectar (SIP)
4.9% Drink Blue Hawaiian Hefeweizen (SHORTY)


Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter

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Website Information:
Black Marlin Porter

Like dessert? You’ll love this: Black Marlin Porter with apple pie a la mode—try it! Black Marlin is a rich, dark and chocolaty Porter with a distinctive American hop character.

It is a great beer to go with hearty foods and is surprisingly one of the few beers that goes well with dessert. We also invite you to blend Black Marlin with Big Eye IPA for a treat we like to call the Black Eye.

Availability: Year-round in 22 oz & draft
Bitterness: 45 IBUs
Alc. by Vol.: 6%
Serving Temperature: 40-50 defrees F

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