Il Conte D'Alba Stella Rosa Rosso

My sister got a bottle of this and my family and I drank it on Christmas Eve at dinner. I recall it being quite carbonated like a champagne.


Soon after Christmas Eve, my dad bought some bottles at Costco and either my mom or dad insisted my friends and I open a bottle on New Years Eve. We drank it while playing Power Grid, several hours before midnight. I was under the impression that everybody who had the wine enjoyed it to some extent. In the end, I suppose it's a wine best enjoyed by those newer to wine, because it's sweet and sparkling.

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Il Conte D'Alba Stella Rosa Rosso

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Website Information:
Appellation: Piedmont, Italy

Vintage: Nonvintage

Description: From the beautiful village of Santo Stefano Belbo in Piedmont comes our delicious Stella Rosa Rossa. A refreshing semi sweet red wine to be served chilled and accompanied by fresh fruit and cheese. Information:
Vintage N.V.
Type Red - Sparkling
Producer Il Conte D'Alba
Variety Red Blend
Designation Stella Rosa
Vineyard n/a
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
SubRegion n/a
Appellation n/a
UPC Code 087872630139

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