Red Nectar

I wrote: "Nectar Red has a good taste. More interesting than mine." 12:04 AM PST*

Yard House:
5.3% Drink Alaskan Amber (SIP)
5.2% Drink Deschutes Black Butte Porter (SHORTY)
6.0% Drink Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter (SHORTY)
5.2% Drink Young's Double Chocolate Stout (SIP)
5.4% Drink Red Nectar (SIP)
4.9% Drink Blue Hawaiian Hefeweizen (SHORTY)

*I ordered this beer at Yard House and it's listed on the menu as "Nectar Red." At first, several searches on Google led me to conclude that it should be Red Nectar. Later in the evening, I stumbled upon Yard House's Beer Checklist that cleared my doubts and I concluded that "Nectar Red" is actually called "Red Nectar."


Red Nectar

The Red Nectar is on the left.

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Website Information:
red nectar

Boasting a ruby hue and an exquisite floral aroma, Red Nectar is a robust yet elegant brew with distinctive accents of toasted malt, caramel, spice and residual sweetness.

The beer that started it all... Red Nectar was considered a strange bird when it was first released in 1987. After all, where did a robust, handcrafted all-natural amber ale fit into the massive flock of American industrial lagers? Answer: it didn’t. So it blazed its own trail, helping set the pace for the craft brew revolution.

Enjoy Red Nectar for its dazzling reddish copper hue, original flavors and caramel spice accents.

2010 Great American Beer Festival® - Gold Medal: American-Style Amber Ale
2009 California State Fair - Gold Medal
2009 LA County Fair - Silver Medal
2006 California State Fair - Gold Medal
2005 LA County Fair - Bronze Medal
2004 Great American Beer Festiva®l - Silver Medal: American Style Amber Ale

American Amber Ale
Alcohol By Volume - 5.4%
Color - 22.0L (Red)
IBU - 35.0 (Medium)

Fermented in 100% stainless steel with Humboldt Brewing’s original house yeast strain.

Premium Two Row
Wheat Malt
Crystal 75

Bittering - Chinook
Late Kettle - Mt. Hood, Cascade

California and Select Markets Nationwide
6 pack, 22 oz. bottle and draft (15.5g)

Yard House Information:
Nectar Red Ale
Brewery: Firestone Walker
Origin: Humboldt, CA
Style: Amber and Red Ales
ABV: 5.1%

Description: Nectar Red is an amber ale with hints of toasted caramel flavor and a residual sweetness which melds with the strawberry esters of Humboldt Brewery’s own strain of ale yeast. Smooth and a balanced with a clean finish.

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