Bayhawk Hefe Weizen

I wrote: "Blue Hawaiian Hefeweizen. Shorty. Orange smell. Easy very drinkable. Simple." 11:53 PM PST
I also wrote: "Nectar Red has a good taste. More interesting than mine. I couldn't pass on a sip of MT's Young's Double Chocolate. I squeezed the lemon into mine. It brings about a nice saltiness sensation." 20111221 12:04 AM PST

The Bayhawk Hefe Weizen is on the right.

Yard House:
5.3% Drink Alaskan Amber (SIP)
5.2% Drink Deschutes Black Butte Porter (SHORTY)
6.0% Drink Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter (SHORTY)
5.2% Drink Young's Double Chocolate Stout (SIP)
5.4% Drink Red Nectar (SIP)
4.9% Drink Blue Hawaiian Hefeweizen (SHORTY)


Blue Hawaiian Hefeweizen
now known as Bayhawk Hefe Weizen*

*The above claim might be incorrect. However, after making several searches on Google, it seemed reasonable to conclude. I have the option of calling Yard House, but I will not take it.

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Website Information:
Hefe Weizen
Color: Golden Orange &Cloudy
Body: Thick with a rich mouth feel
Aroma: Sweet & Malty
Flavor: Creamy with a distinct Citrus flavor
Technical Data:
Original Gravity: 1049
Est. Alcohol Content: 4.9% abv
Grist: Malted Barley & Wheat
Hops: Northern Brewer
Type of Beer: Unfiltered American Wheat
IBU's: 8
Calories: 164 per 12oz Serving

Yard House Information:
Blue Hawaiian Hefeweizen
Brewery: Blue Hawaiian Brewing Company
Origin: Irvine, CA
Style: American Wheat
ABV: 4.2%
Description: This beer is refreshing, light bodied, and has distinct lemon and citrus notes. Hints of banana and and herbal spiciness round the flavor out and give it some complexity.

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