Buffalo Bills Strawberry Blonde Ale

After the Apricot Wheat Ale, I was welcomed to try this Strawberry Blonde Ale and all I know from my notes is that I like it better than the Apricot Wheat Ale. Of course this is a relative comparison and doesn't say much about how this beer stands on its own.
I wrote: "I like this Strawberry Blonde Ale over the Ithaca Apricot Wheat Ale." 9:53PM ET

Afterwards I had the choice of a shot of gin or a shot of tequila. I choose the shot of gin. 9:54PM ET

Then there was this weird concept of taking the bag of wine out of its box, holding it up, slapping the bag, and then drinking from the nozzle. By now, I am definitely tipsy. 9:54PM ET

Of course, I have one more drink to go before ending the night: Dark Truth Stout.


Buffalo Bills Strawberry Blonde Ale

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