Lindemans Framboise

I wrote: "It's just fizzy juice. Haha. That is, this drink doesn't taste like it has any alcohol. Though it's tasty. People who like fruity beers should most certainly enjoy this drink."


I'm here at Kulminator and I've tried my own Tripel Karmeliet and went on to take a sip of Stefaan's Lefebvre Hopus. Next, I was ready to try Aurelie's Lindemans Framboise. Unfortunately, while reaching over to take a look at the bottle, I clumsily knocked over her glass. While there was still about a glass worth of framboise in the bottle, I still felt bad for what happened.

I wrote: "Framboise smells like candy. Tastes like juice. Delicious."

Of the three, I would say I like the Tripel Karmeliet best. In fact, Tripel Karmeliet probably stands in my top three of beers tried throughout my entire trip in Europe.


Lindemans Framboise

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Website Information:
Long before hops were common in most beers, various fruits and vegetables were used to season beers. The acidity of Lambic beers blends perfectly with raspberries.

Taste: Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean natural taste.

Style: Raspberry Lambic.

Color: Rose. Serving suggestions: Chocolate desserts (especially chocolate decadence), fresh raspberries, ice cream with a raspberry demi-glaze sauce, créme caramel, baked Alaska, Olympia oysters, caviar. Serve in flute-shaped Lambic glasses at 45 degrees.

Serve cold at 2-3 degrees Celsius.

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