Sixpoint Sweet Action

Today at Golden West Cafe I ordered a Sweet Action Cream Ale.

I wrote: "This Sweet Action Cream Ale by Sixpoint Brewery has the typical pale ale flavor. Solid." 7:01PM ET

Prior to coming to Golden West, I was at Union Craft Brewery and had a Union Craft Snow Pants.

Today I cracked open a 12 oz. can of this beer which I got from Whole Foods. While I knew that I already had this beer prior to purchasing it, I decided to give it a second try.*

While there were some flavorful notes, the beer's bitterness was initially overpowering. Fortunately, the bitterness subsided as I reached the halfway point.

As the bitterness subsided, I sensed a more citrus flavor from the beer. In the end, I wasn't amazed by it, but it was enjoyable.

*Note, however, that according to the website the beer has changed.

Sixpoint Sweet Action

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Website Information: (as of 20171006)

ABV 5.0% | IBU 40 | SRM 6.3

Everything you’ve heard about this beer is true.

We’d love to tell you more, but this is no place for that story. Call 1-844-810-2412 to hear the details — it’s even juicier than the rumors.

The Story
If you traced from 2004, you’d see that SWEET ACTION is a representation of our palates at any given point in time… it’s a vibe more so than it was ever one distinct formulation. This version, a juicy, blonde wheat ale, is the latest iteration in that story.
The first brew was for a friend’s party. In three separate phone calls, she requested three different beers. First it was a wheat beer. Then it was a lager because her dad loved ‘em. Then she wanted a pale ale. So we put them all together and fermented it out with a Belgian yeast to 7.2% ABV. It was a super spicy brew with tons of biscuit malt, aromatic malts, and some bitter, dank American hops. This all took place in Madison, Wisconsin.

Then came the infamous photo shoot. A chance encounter in 2004 in Red Hook, BKLYN, led this beer to be served at a launch party for a short lived ladies porno magazine. The thing finally had a true namesake, after the magazine: SWEET ACTION.

That might leave you wondering, what exactly is SWEET ACTION? Well, sometimes knowing isn’t everything. Sink one… your palate just gets it.

Lab Notes
Huell Melon hops, an innovative strain first bred in 2014, have a unique melon-y aroma, while Canadian White Wheat smoothes out the body and gives the beer that hazy look

Website Information: (as of 20140214)
Sweet Action

Cream Ale

Ah love is bitter and sweet, but which is more sweet...

The original Sixpoint style - hard to define, but perhaps that's why people love it. Part pale ale, part wheat, part cream ale- all Sweet Action.

ABV 5.2%
IBU 34
SRM 12

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