DC Brau The Public

Compared to The Citizen, this beer had a more grassy smell and was tastier; this would hold true for anyone who likes pale ales. 5:44 PM ET

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DC Brau The Public

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STYLE American Pale
COLOR Crimson Copper
ABV 6.0%
IBU 40

The Public is DC Brau’s most popular offering and continues to be a sought after staple by imbibers and ale hounds in the nation’s capital. It incorporates Vienna & Medium Crystal Malts, and Centennial hops.

Available year-round in 12oz-cans and draft.

Brewed in the classic American Pale Ale style, The Public Pale Ale emits a sweet caramel and heavily floral aroma accented by mild citrus notes introduced by Centennial hops. The first sip of the light amber pour presents a rush of assertive bitterness amid hints of candied orange peel and grapefruit flavors. A firm malt backbone imparts the balancing sweetness in a combination that begs for more.

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The Public™ Pale Ale is brewed in the classic American Pale Ale style. Assertive bitterness backed by C-60 and Vienna malts which lend notes of rich, yet semi-dry caramel. Then followed up with a nice white grapefruit and citrus aroma that begs for a follow up sip.

"The Public" is DC Brau's most popular offering and continues to be a sought after staple by imbibers and ale hounds in the Nations Capitol.

Can Factoids:

2012: "'New Columbia' is the name of the proposed U.S. state that would be created by the admission of the District of Columbia into the United States as the 51st state according to legislation offered starting in the 98th Congress in 1983" - suggested by contest winner Matthew Vermillion

2011: "In November 2000, the DC Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing license plates bearing the slogan 'Taxation Without Representation' - Visit www.dcvote.org for more information"

Style: American Pale
Color: Crimson Copper
ABV: 6.0%
Serving type: Can
Availability: Year-Round

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