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It's my first time here at the Save Your Soul event, a dance party held at The Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore, Maryland.

I wrote: "I've had a couple drinks already, but I join the group and have a bottle of UTENOS, a brand of Lithuanian beer. Unfortunately, I find it tastes bad like a can/bottle of Bud Light." 10:54PM ET


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Website Information: (Utenos Website) (Translated from Lithuanian)
Pure water, extracted from the purest natural corner of Lithuania, selected malt, and premium hop products has enabled us to create a fresh, mild and light flavored beer. UTENOS is the pride of the Utenos Alus brewery.

Investments in modernization, sunlight resistant hops and production using patented Carlsberg technology allows UTENOS to be poured into transparent bottles without sacrificing the many years to perfect the taste and quality, so that beer lovers, before purchasing this product, can taste with their eyes.

ABV: 5%

Packaging: 0.5 L glass bottle, plastic bottle 1 L, 0.5 L cans, bottles 4 pack, 4 pack cans.

Gold Medal Agrobalt 1999
Gold Medal Lithuanian Product of the Year 1999

Silver Medal Lithuanian Product of the Year 2007

Bronze Medal Australian International Beer Awards, Australia 2005
Bronze Medal Cheers Beer Festival, United States of America 1997

Website Information: (Carlsberg Group Website)
UTENOS is based on an old traditional recipe that has been improved through many years of brewing experience.

The lager has been produced from the best quality malt, selected hops and clear water and is characterized by a subtle and well-rounded taste.

Beer Facts
Beer type: Pilsner
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5%
Origin: Svyturys-Utenos Alus, Lithuania

Website Information: (Lithuanian Beer Limited Website)
At 5% ABV UTENOS is the ‘premium’ brand from the Utenos Alus brewery. Based on a traditional recipe, that has been perfected over many years, it uses only the finest quality ingredients. Selected malting barley combined with the best quality aromatic and bittering hops give this beer a particularly delicate and balanced palate.

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