Bootlegger's Rustic Rye IPA

Josh and I are here at the Orange County Fair. Among the various beers, we decide to try the Bootlegger's Rustic Rye IPA ($12).

Bootlegger's Rustic Rye IPA - Bottle

While the beer has an IPA smell, it doesn't have a strong IPA taste. However, this is good, because Josh doesn't like IPAs. I find the beer is quite carbonated, but in a good way. 9:56PM PT

It has a good taste to it. It's not overwhelming or overly hoppy like some IPAs. 10:03PM PT


Bootlegger's Rustic Rye IPA - Plastic Cup @ OC Fair

The Rustic Rye IPA has a nice IPA smell. The smell is full and not overwhelming. The beer has a nice taste to match its smell. Josh loves it, which is saying something considering he generally doesn't like IPAs. I like it as well, and it reminds me of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. 11:32PM PT

While Josh and I tried the Rustic Rye IPA two years ago, I never got the chance to blog about it until now (over two years). In any case, its interesting to note that I used the word "overwhelming" in both instances.

Bootlegger's Rustic Rye IPA - Bottle and Beer


Bootlegger's Rustic Rye IPA

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Website Information:

6.2% ABV, 90.9 IBU

Our Rustic Rye IPA balances the malted barley and spicy rye grains with a floral and earthy hop flavor and aroma. The maltiness of this beer is balanced with its finish of a crisp, clean hop bite. The combination makes for a truly memorable and refreshing beer.

Style: American IPA

Available in bottles: 22 oz.

Available in kegs: 5.16 gal, 15.5 gal

First release: January 2009

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