Unibroue La Terrible

The Terrible is black and had no discernable smell. The taste was simple and not strong. On a second whiff, I smell a bit of alcohol. Upon letting the beer sit in my mouth, I taste a bit of the alcoholic burn. 10:11PM PT


Unibroue La Terrible

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Website Information:

Origin: Chambly, Quebec
Brewed since 2002
ABV: 10.5%
Fermentation: High
Style: Quadrupel/Abt
Color: Black, nearly opaque dark chestnut color
SRM: 45
Clarity: Low
Head: Persistent and thick
Bubbles: Thin
Effervescence: Medium
Nose: Rich notes of fruits and spices
Flavor: Subtle fruit flavors are complemented by rich Madeira wine notes.
IBU: 15
Suggested serving temperature: 10 - 12°C / 50 - 54°F
Suggested glass: Chalice
Comment(s): For a limited time only, Terrible is available in Canada. Year Round in the U.S.

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