Angry Orchard Iceman

~I'm not a beer. I'm a cider.~

This Angry Orchard Iceman has a nice sweet taste to it and I find it sweeter than Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Overall, I like it more. 7:45PM PT


Josh really liked this cider: "It's delicious and refreshing." 11:52PM PT

Having drank some of and enjoyed the bottle of Iceman I got last summer, Josh decided to buy a bottle during our trip to BevMo.


The Angry Orchard Iceman had a stronger smell than other ciders I've had. It actually had a strong taste as well, though not overwhelming.

Overall, Iceman had a great taste.

Remark: it went well with my carne asada burrito from Alertos. I suppose it makes sense that ciders pair well with beef and pico de gallo. 8:49PM PT


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I'm not sure which Angry Orchard Cider House Collection I like better, Iceman or The Muse. I believe Iceman tastes stronger* and The Muse tastes sweeter.

*In fact, Iceman is 10% ABV and The Muse is only 7.7% ABV.


Angry Orchard Iceman

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Website Information:
Inspired by the tradition of Ice Ciders in Quebec, Iceman uses the process of freezing the juice from culinary and bittersweet apples to produce a rich, complex and unique cider with a crisp apple taste and notes of caramel and toffee. This cider is sweet but not cloying. The addition of oak-aging yields a smooth and pleasing vanilla character. The result is a perfectly balanced, full-flavored cider that delights the palate with clean apple notes and a lingering toffee finish. 10% ABV

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