Jack and Ginger

Today, Josh and I went to Yard House. While it is usual for us to just get beer, Josh couldn't help but try the Jack & Ginger, one of the available beer cocktails.

Having a sip of it, I found it tasty. I could definitely smell and taste the ginger. In any case, Josh loved it. While I enjoy all things ginger, I thought this cocktail was just alright. 10:31PM PT


Website Information:
jack daniels honey, orange bitters, ginger citrus agave, bavarian weiss, garnished with candied ginger

Various sources list the following as the recipe:
Jack & Ginger
½ oz Agave Syrup
¾ oz Jack Daniels Honey
Dash of Aromatic Bitters
Squeeze of a Lemon & a Lime
3 oz of Ginger Beer
5 oz of Bavarian Weiss Beer
Place two ice cubes in a goblet or highball glass. Pour ingredients in order listed over the ice.

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