Buffalo Bill's Blood Orange Imperial Ale

"This beer has a great smell. I'm assuming it's what a blood orange smells like. The taste is like a darker-tasting orange soda. The beer absolutely smells like Fruit Loops.* Oh, and now it tastes like Fruit Loops* too!" 10:50 PM PT

*I wrote "Fruit Loops" but it's "Froot Loops." I'm still doubtful of the Mandela Effect, but it's fun conversational topic. Again, as of 20181024, it is Fr00t L00ps.

[20181024 Edit]

"I finished the beer today and it wasn't as flavorful as yesterday; it tasted more subtle. I estimate having drank 12 ounces yesterday and 10 ounces today." 6:40 PM PT

Buffalo Bill's Blood Orange Imperial Ale

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Website Information:
A rich Imperial Ale brewed with blood oranges, and sweet orange peel.
9% alc., 45 IBUs

Blood Orange Imperial Ale ships February – April

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