Hermitage Cherry Almonds

After having a meal with jalapenos, I decided to drink this sour ale.

As far as I can remember, this beer is the most sour beer I've ever had. 10:01 PM PT

Eventually I transferred the beer to a cup. At that point, the beer's sourness had faded and I began to perceive a tart cherry flavor. It was interesting, because the sour taste would come and go. 10:05 PM PT

Overall, the beer was too sour for me; there were moments I liked the taste of the beer and moments I did not. 20180515 3:32 AM PT

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Hermitage Cherry Almonds

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Website Information:
Cherry Almonds
American Sour Series
Sour ale brewed with cherry juice and almond bran, aged in American and French oak wine barrels.

ABV: 6.5

See also https://hermitagebrewing.com/2017/07/14/cherry-almonds-now-available/

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