Cold Water Black Pepper Porter

Ada and I went to Cold Water Brewery & Grill today for lunch. While there I got a pint of their Anniversary brew called the Black Pepper Porter.

"The porter has a bit of a vanilla smell. It is light and at the end of each sip there is a subtle peppery taste. It's not strong, it's almost sweet, and it's hard (for me) to pinpoint. I guess there's the slightest sour flavor as well.

My focus on the beer is definitely on how the end of each sip finishes. The aftertaste is peppery." 1:31 PM PT

"The beer ends great. I give it a 4.3 out of 5 stars." 2:12 PM PT

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Cold Water Black Pepper Porter

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"The Black Pepper Porter celebrates our three-year anniversary," states a release from Cold Water. "Our delicious porter starts with soft notes of milk chocolate in a light viscosity porter with subtleties in the English style, leaving a pop and tracing of a diner's pepper shaker."

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