Lucky Beaver Pale Ale

After dinner, Ada and I stopped by Lucky Beaver Bar & Burger, because I wanted a drink and Ada wanted some more to eat.

Among the choices, I decided to have the 16 ounce pour of Lucky Beaver Pale Ale.

The beer had a refreshing orange taste. Perhaps, however, it was my imagination, because the flavor settled as a refreshing pale ale.

The beer tasted good. Actually, it tasted really good. I liked it more than Blue Moon Belgian White.

As I continued to sip the beer, I found it had a consistent taste. I'd give it 4.3 out of 5 stars. 12:15 AM PT

When I finished the beer, it tasted more like a pale ale and tasted less refreshing, but I was still satisfied. Overall, the beer was good and I decided my previous rating remained appropriate. 12:21 AM PT

In regards to the bar, Lucky Beaver - except for the cigarette smoke - seemed like a decent place for food and drink.

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Lucky Beaver Pale Ale

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