Fuzzy Navel

I like Peach SchnappsBut not being creative enough to think of my own mix, I asked the waitress for anything with peach in it. She cames back with a Fuzzy Navel, a mix of Peach Schnapps and orange juice.


I wrote the following: "Fuzzy Navel. Alright. Orange is eh..." 20120415 12:09 AM

I think I felt like the orange juice was watered down. Or maybe it's because I like my orange juice with at least some pulp.

At my request, the bartender wrote the following down for me:
Fuzzy Navel
1 oz Vodka
2 oz Peach Sch.
fill w/ OJ


I wrote the following: "Peach Schnapps. Bols Triple Sec. Orange juice. That's pretty good. Somehow the orange juice doesn't come through. Overall good. Mainly due to the peach." 8:17 PM


I keep asking for peach and what I keep getting back is a Fuzzy Navel.

I wrote the following: "Fuzzy Navel. Goodish. Perhaps the orange juice is overpowering. Wait, I taste the peach now." 9:35 PM



Following the Guinness and champagne, I bought a round of fuzzy navel shots. After finishing the shot, my friends and I headed off to One-Eyed Mike's for some Grand Marnier.


This variation of a fuzzy navel tasted great, I liked it a lot better than the basic fuzzy navel:
Peach Schnapps
Peach Ciroc
Orange Juice
Topped off with Sprite
Garnished with an Orange


Fuzzy Navel

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