Sierra Nevada / Asheville Tater Ridge

Sierra Nevada / Asheville Tater Ridge

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Today I have my third brew out of this Beer Camp Across America 12-pack: Tater Ridge.

It is dark reddish brown in color and is opaque. It also has a thick head that lingers. Overall, it has a malty, sweet smell, and from it I expect the beer will taste strong.

However, while I do taste a bit of the alcohol, the beer is not overly strong. Furthermore, I would take into account that I took the bottle out of the fridge and left it sitting at room temperature a bit too long.

Yes, the head is strong and the beer has many sugars. On that note, there is no discernible sugar coating in my mouth (some beers leave a film and/or heaviness on my tongue) and yet I continue to taste the beer's sweetness.

Unfortunately, perhaps because the beer is warmer than average, I probably won't have any more. 3:12PM PT

Website Information:

Asheville, NC

The Asheville area is a brewing hotspot nestled in the mountains of North Carolina. Tater Ridge was brewed by something of a craft beer super group made up of members of the Asheville Brewers Alliance. We’re fortunate to call these passionate and talented brewers our neighbors, and we hope this unique ale will be the first of many collaborations to come.

We’ve made plenty of new friends in the nearly 30-strong Asheville Brewers Alliance (ABA) since we started brewing in North Carolina. Two of whom—John Stuart of Green Man Brewery and Luke Dickinson of Wicked Weed Brewing—led this collaboration recipe and work tirelessly to bring creativity and a deep-seated love of locally made craft beer to the Appalachian Mountains.

ABV: 7.0
Beginning Gravity: 17.4
Ending Gravity: 4.1
Bitterness Units: 35

Yeast: Ale
Bittering Hops: Horizon
Finishing Hops: Motueka, Mosaic
Malts: Six-row Riverbend, Golden Promise, Caramel, Chocolate
Other: NC Sweet Potatoes

Tater Ridge pays homage to our area’s Scottish Highland history, and its craft brew pioneers. With a hint of down home Southern flair, this Scottish ale is rich and malty, using special floor-malted six-row barley from Asheville’s Riverbend Malting, and has a smooth kick from the use of sweet potatoes, a tasty Southern staple.

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