Bear Republic Tartare

Bear Republic Tartare

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20150123: [20150215 Edit]
After having a glass of The Lost Abbey Devotion Ale, I decided to get a Bear Republic Tartare.

The glass had no head and the beer smelled like a candy.

The beer tasted really tart, which I thought was nice.

Pondering about the smell a bit more, I thought perhaps it smelled like a flavor of Jello.

Returning to the beer's taste, I thought it reminded me of a framboise. 8:40PM PT

This Bear Republic Tartare was definitely a great tart beer, and a great beer in general. 11:04PM PT

Website Information:

One of the world’s classic sour beer styles, Tartare is Bear Republic’s interpretation of Berliner Weisse, the tart, low-alcohol beer style dubbed as ‘The Champagne of the North.’

Style: Berliner-style Weisse
ABV: 4
IBU: 8
Color: Straw

GENERAL PAIRING: Steamed Mussels
CHEESE PAIRING: Rich cheeses
PROTEIN PAIRING: Shellfish, Seafood

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