Sierra Nevada / Oskar Blues CANfusion

Sierra Nevada / Oskar Blues CANfusion Rye Bock

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The beer has a cloudy, dark orange color. Upon whiffing the CANfusion, there was a clear flowery smell; it is nice and pleasant.

Upon sipping the beer, I am surprised by the taste. My taste buds resonate a dark, pleasant (not bitter) sensation. It's hard to describe, but I've tasted similar beers.

I guess at times the beer feels a bit heavy. Oh! So I know how to describe it now: the beer tastes strong and is on the edge of being overbearing. And, of course, that means it reminds me of my Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA tasting experience. It's both sweet and strong, so I get these complex flavors in my mouth, but I don't feel like I can really drink much more. It is however only 7.2% ABV. 10:21PM PT

I also wrote: "Just now I took another sip, the glass is about a third of the way down, and the bitterness revealed itself. Perhaps my mouth is coated in the beer's sugars." 11:39PM PT

It's morning and the alcoholic smell of unconsumed beer continues to reach my nose. I give whats sitting on the table two sips before pouring it out. It's obviously warm, and the first sip is strong, but interesting. The second sip has a bit of a sour flavor to it. Overall, the sips feel sugary. 1:05PM PT

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Longmont, CO / Brevard, NC

Our friends at Oskar Blues pioneered great beer in a can and, as mutual members of the canned craft club, this partnership was a perfect fit. CANfusion is a coming together—a fusion, if you will—of flavors from across the spectrum of brewing: spicy rye, tangy wheat and a bright citrusy hop aroma.

Oskar Blues is the granddaddy of canned craft beer. Like us, they have a fun-loving passion for the outdoors and bikes. It was a natural fit for them to adopt cans as a portable, durable way to tote their favorite beer on the trail, and in the process they paved the way for all other craft brewers to follow.

ABV: 7.2
Beginning Gravity: 17.5
Ending Gravity: 3.5
Bitterness Units: 45

Yeast: Lager
Bittering Hops: Summit
Finishing Hops: Aurora, Ella

Malts: Two-row Pale, Full Pint, Rye, Red Wheat, Munich, Melanoidan, Acidulated

CANfusion is a dry-hop rye bock with a complex malt body that launches a peppery blast from the rye, balanced by a fruity hop aroma. As the style suggests, it was dry-hopped for an added aroma punch from the unique citrusy and spice-like Australian Ella hop varietal.

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