Unibroue Blanche de Chambly

Unibroue Blanche de Chambly

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Blanche de Chambly has a flowery smell. The smell is intriguing. It doesn't quite smell like banana. I suppose it smells more like wheat. Regardless, it's pleasant smell. Finally tasting the beer, I find it has a nice, light taste. Actually, it's very light, but not in a bad way (like a Bud Light). 8:25PM PT

I like the light, refreshing taste. This beer is light with a hint of citrus flavor. It reminds me of a wheat beer and/or Blue Moon (Belgian-style witbier). Looking around the bottle, I find it classifies itself as a Belgian white ale (witbier).

On my third or fourth sip, I sense a copious amount of carbonation. Its possibly I only noticed this because J.D. mentioned being distracted by the carbonation with the other Unibroue beers he's had over the past few days.

Website Information:
Blanche de Chambly
Origin: Chambly, Quebec
Brewed since 1992
ABV: 5.0%
Fermentation: Top
Style: Belgian white ale (witbier)
Color: Pale golden
SRM: 4
Clarity: Cloudy
Head: White, creamy
Bubbles: Like champaign, fine and abundant
Effervescence: Slow

Nose: Subtle bouquet of spice, citrus notes, aromas of yeast breads, coriander, and cloves
Flavor: Wheat and subtle spices blanketed in citrus flavors reminiscent of orange and lemon
IBU: 10
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: Medium, short finish
Suggested serving temperature: 4°C - 6°C/39°F - 43°F
Suggested glass: Footed flute
Comment(s): The first refermented white beer brewed according to Belgian tradition in North America.

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