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Wine tasting!

2013 Chenin Blanc. Standard white smell. A sourness. It's okay. 4:23PM PT
2013 Vin Rosé. This has more of a red wine smell to it. I like it a bit more than the chenin blanc. 4:26PM PT
2009 Grenache. This one has an interesting smell - a deep, darker smell. The taste is very fruity. I like it. 4:36PM PT
2012 Sangiovese. This wine has that stringent smell. Oh wow, yeah, this is stringent. It also has a strange finish. It's bitter. Well, I don't normally drink wine, so my descriptions are derived from my experience with beer. 4:42PM PT
2012 Cotes du Clements. A slightly lighter wine. The taste is brighter, livelier, and perhaps fruitier. A little bitterness quickly comes and goes. 4:49PM PT
2009 Zinfandel. Before pouring this wine I was thinking of white zinfandel. In any case, this zinfandel smells as strong as the sangiovese. It is, however, extremely sour. 4:54PM PT

Urbano Cellars gives a full description of their wines on their website. Check it out!

Urbano Cellars

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