Laughing Monk Pluot Pulpit

This beer had a complex, pale ale taste. It was delicious. 5:30 PM PT


Michael liked this beer. He said it tasted like pluot.

Josh liked this beer for how it tasted. 5:36 PM PT

While I initially liked this beer, I later thought it had too much of a banana/coriander taste. 6:00 PM PT

[Part of Beer at 3rd Street Tap Room]
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Laughing Monk Pluot Pulpit

Almost Full

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Website Information:
Pluot Pulpit Belgian Tripel

8% ABV | 20 IBU

Rich gold and slightly orange in color with a frothy pale head, this tripel ale was brewed with pluots, creating a pleasing aroma of stone fruit. A spicy citrus yeast character rounds out this smooth ale with a crisp, dry finish.

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