't IJ IJndejaars

I had the beer placed in the hotel freezer (starting at room temperature) from 10:38 PM (local time) to 11:14 PM (local time). It was cold, carbonated, and didn't have much flavor. There was some hoppiness and a mildly sticky, sugary mouthfeel. It was neutral in flavor. It was so easy to drink that I drank about half in just three sips.

The next sip had more of a wheat and/or ale taste with hints of fruit.

I had no idea what it was supposed to taste like, because I couldn't read the description on the bottle. Actually, taking a closer look, the bottle says "winterbier," but I didn't detect any herbs or spices.

Focusing more on the beer, I supposed it did taste as if it had spices. 2:22 PM PT (for Amsterdam, Netherlands +9 hours)

Similar to the beer I had the other day by the same brewery, 't IJ Zatte, this beer had a wheat and/or flowery taste. Perhaps the two beers use a common yeast or hop.

When I took a final sip, I tasted a flavor which I didn't like. I had tried to think of when I had previously tasted a similar flavor.

Perhaps I didn't enjoy the beer because it lacked a citrus taste. I enjoy wheat beers with a citrus taste. It is possible that Blue Moon (without an orange slice) tastes like this beer. 3:45 PM PT (for Amsterdam, Netherlands +9 hours)

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't IJ IJndejaars

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Website Information:

Ons winterse paradepaardje, ieder jaar een tikkeltje anders van smaak. Een schitterende, roodpaarse kleur met mooie geuren van kruidig fruit, sinaasappelschilletjes en diepgeroosterde mout die je neus binnen vliegen. De smaak is een kruidige balans tussen caramel, citrus en lichtbittere hop die je tijdens de donkere dagen weer een warm gevoel geeft. Zolang je ‘m koel en donker bewaart is de IJndejaars jaren houdbaar.

Alcoholpercentage: 9%
Drinktemperatuur: 10-12 graden

One of our flagship beers, which is slightly different in flavour every year. A splendid, maroon-coloured beer with fine aromas of spiced fruit, orange peel and well-roasted malt to delight the nose. The flavour is a spicy balance of caramel, citrus and slightly bitter hops to restore that warm feeling during the dark days of winter. If stored in a cool, dark place, IJndejaars will keep for years (if you can stop yourself from drinking it).

Alcohol percentage: 9%
Drinking temperature: 10-12 degrees Celsius

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