't IJ Zatte

Note #1 - Received @ 12:13 PM PT (for Amsterdam, Netherlands +9 hours):
this beer has a wheat taste with a dry mouthfeel. it was barely cold when I bought it from the store and it only got warmer in the hotel room (there was no fridge or ice bucket); it stood at room temperature for about an hour before I got to it.


Note #2 - Received 5:08 PM PT (for Amsterdam, Netherlands +9 hours):
last sip. in the end, I dont like the blonde and/or wheat taste of this beer - it's flowery (I generally don't like this flowery taste in beers).

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't IJ Zatte


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Website Information:

This was the first beer to come out of our vats, back in 1985, making it the Brouwerij ‘t IJ classic beer. It is a ‘tripel’, the category reserved for the stronger blonde beers crafted in the Belgian tradition, and Zatte more than lives up to expectations. It’s a full-bodied, golden beer with a scent of fresh fruit mingled here and there with a hint of grain. The flavour is slightly sweet, ending with a fine, dry aftertaste. A delicious classic to be enjoyed in all seasons.

Alcohol percentage: 8%
Drinking temperature: 8 – 10 degrees Celsius

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