Alvarado Street Kettle Cooler

I tried this beer and it did in fact taste like Cactus Cooler, but I didn't want to drink a full glass of it and so I chose another beer.

I meant to choose the Phantom Carriage Cognac Curse, instead I chose the Phantom Carriage Orange Vanilla Creamsicle Broadacres. 1:36 PM PT

[Part of Beer at Big Rec Tap Room]
[20181117 Edit]

Alvarado Street Kettle Cooler

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Website Information:
Kettle Cooler
Kettle Sour Ale

Inspired by Cactus Cooler soda, we've added heaps of mandarin orange, pineapple puree and vanilla beans to our base kettle sour ale. Tart, fruity, and refreshing!

ABV: 5%
Bitterness Level: Low

Malt: American 2-Row, Flaked Oats

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